Simon Stockhausen 3-5-8-13

live-recording of the première at the Tonhalle Düsseldorf on April 10/2001

part 1(3/5)

part 2(8/13)

performed by the brass-ensemble Bach,Blech&Blues - conductor: Till Weser
Markus Stockhausen/solo-trumpet - Simon Stockhausen/synthesizer

3-5-8-13 is a composition for 12 brass-players and synthesizer/sampler which I composed in winter 2000/2001 as a commissionary work for the german brass-ensemble Bach,Blech&Blues.
In this piece I tried to combine serial techniques of composing with a free, intuitive harmony that gets more and more atonal during the piece and leads into a thirteen-tone-formula in the fourth movement. The numerical sequenze invented by the italian mathematician Fibonacci which I have repeatedly used over the years, also in the piece Fibonacci is dead for flute and electronic music(1995), determines the rhythmical and formal structure of 3-5-8-13, all other parameters are treated independently because I for myself have perceived, that total serialism in music leeds to total entropy concerning the ear of the listener. On the other hand the connection of intuition with elements of serial-composition can lead to results that sound unusual and strange without overtaxing a non-intellectual audience.
Let´s bring the genre of "New Music" back to the people.....

Simon Stockhausen