Fibonacci ist tot (Fibonacci is dead) (1994/95) 
for flute(s) and electronic music (8-channel tape)

This composition developed in the time-span of June 1994 until January 1995 as a commissionary work for my friend Dietmar Wiesner with whom I have collaborated in various projects over the past years.
Being on a constant search for inspiration-sources in order to compose new music I applied the Fibonacci numerical-sequenze (3-5-8-13-21-34...) in this piece to determine the duration and form as well as the intervallic, harmonical and rhythmical structure, the other parameters were treated independently.
After a while of experimenting with this sequenze, generating dodecaphonic sequenzes and mathematical formulas for the determination of durations, ranges and tempi I increasingly felt trapped by the serial way of composing music and I began looking for alternatives, inserts, fractions and selfironical images in order to evade the corset of serialism and therefore started adding theatrical events and soundscapes to enrich the piece.
The eight-channel tape music and the flute parte were created simultanously. Many electronic timbres in the music are derived from flutesamples which were mingled with synthetic sounds in order to go against or correspond with the flute-part.
This piece is very consciously written for a musician I know and esteem and whose skills I had in mind during the compositional process, this was the essential motivation for adding another piece to the immense library of flute-literature despite from the fact that I find the flute attractive as an instrument and timbre.