for 6-channel tape, acoustic and electronic drums
and midified trombone
premièred on Novembre 2 1991 at the "Alte Reithalle"/Stuttgart/Germany
with Michael Svoboda-trombone
Andreas Boettger-drums and Simon Stockhausen-sound projection

In this composition I was inspired by ideas from the chaos theory and attempt to set the perceptions of the chaos scientists in the field of fractal analysis into music. The observable self-similarity of things in nature, meaning the formal and structural accordance of the smallest components of an object or a process with the visible appearance of the object or the structure of the process itself form the starting-point of this piece, which I wrote for the Duo Metal Brass featuring the soloists Michael Svoboda(trombone)and Andreas Böttger(drums)as a commissionary work for the german federal state Baden-Württemberg.
Each one of our singular body-cells carries the entire genetical information which determines the parameters of our body. Following this idea I positioned a sample of the time-compressed twelve-tone formular in the electronic music at the beginning of each section (there are 12x12 sub-sections in the piece altogether). The singular sound event becomes a fractal of the entire piece.
Each one of the piece´s 12 bigger sections has it´s own characteristic sound-combination like for instance wooden- and metallical-sounds, human- and water-sounds, war- and air-sounds, fire- and glass-sounds, animal- and mashine-made sounds and so forth. The two soloists play in accordance with the tape-music or against it, syncronized by a click-track and occasionally perform non-musical actions like drinking water, smashing glasses, mixing raspberry cream with a kitchen-mixer and so on, in order to elucidate the soundworld of the corresponding section.