(inspired by an idea from Jan Babinetz)
for flute, harp, trumpet/bugle, electric guitar, drums and electronic music
premièred in January 1993 at the foyer of the Tonhalle Düsseldorf/Germany
by the ensemble Musikfabrik NRW

The basic idea of this work is the rotation of five musical parameters (duration, dynamics, rhythm, timbre and pitch) in four sections within the piece amongst the five soloists, so that each musician once embodies each parameter. Each parameter has it´s own formula consisting of a metrical structure, tempo and a five-tone scale which determines the main pitches and transpositions of each section. During the fourth section of the piece the instruments increasingly start changing their tasks and functions and as already indicated in the first three movements one of the parameters starts taking control of the ensemble for a short time so that the clearly determined parametrical demarcations start to dissolve as if the music wanted to free itself from formulars and structural boundaries.
The main pitches of the five instruments are picked up and enhanced by the electronic music and within the microcosm of timbres five celestial bodys draw their cyclical paths around a central sun and unite the PARAMETRICS to a compound of sound.
This piece is not conducted, the five musicians are synchronized by a click track amongst themselves and with the electronic music.