Stahlgeist (Steel-Spirit)

composition for drums, trombone, dijeridu, synthesizer, 8-channel tape
premièred at the "Kraftzentrale" inside the steel-factory Duisburg-Meiderich in summer 1993

An old deserted factory
inhabited by ghosts unable to escape
once they inhabited the bodies of those who worked here
bondaged forever, caught inside the steel

windows of sound appear through the artificial mist
timpani-beats, smashing steel-sounds, electronical collage
the german emperor shouts!

chained beings move through the gigantic space, the listener is tranced by dijeridu-playing
memories of the blossoming of the steel-industry
antipodes reverbing in the infinite space
a pigeon-couple is singing a duet
steelhelmets and and bombshells are omnipresent
everything turns into music:
our Emperor

it all blends into a wall of sound
surrounded by ghosts of steel